When Books Were Clouds

Clouds of Glory
“Clouds of Glory” by Michael Taggart Photography is licensed under


When Books Were Clouds

by Jane Tawel

January 28, 2022


When books were read in clouds and trees,

and fame was in the stars,

then we did walk the Earth as guards

and lived in Time just as we are.


When actions held our thinking firm,

and no one needed walls,

then Man and Woman, and terra firma

as one and One made All.

Why, then, as wise old children, we

lived wholly, on this lovely ball,

not split, not splintered, we lived True

and You were I, and I was you.


When books were clouds, and we were stars,

then eyes and ears could see and hear

the world and us just as we are.


Flow back, flow back, all living things,

and simpler world embrace.

Let truth and power return to grace

and Love will take its rightful place.

Flow forth, flow forth, dear human race,

the tale is in the telling,

and like great waves a-swelling,

only our hearts will leave a trace.


© Jane Tawel, January 28, 2022

Meditation-1, Prayer – 0

The Sound of Silence: Leaf
“The Sound of Silence: Leaf” by fotologic is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Meditation -1, Prayer – 0

By Jane Tawel

January 12, 2022


If I meditate on you,

seeing through you today,

as you were when young, as you will be when old,

then all my telling and all I am told,

fades away, and I see you.

and I see me, at last,


but it is a freedom, frightening,

and I prefer to chain myself again

to outcomes and perceptions.

I will try again tomorrow,

to see through you to the little child,

and I will replant my own seed

in the womb of wholeness,

at least if only

for just a fleeting moment of conception.

In new conception, one finds Eternal Love.


If I meditate on You,

I feel fear and uncertainty,

because I think of You as a thought,

and that You should be somewhere.

Instead, You are every where,

The Seeker and the Sought are One.

I despair—

You are never going to come,

but You are here and now, instead,

and that I can’t get through my head,

and my heart aches with the anger of my aloneness.

If I but give myself away,

to lack of desire and lack of days,

then Eternity creates anew,

the me in You.


Give way, oh my Mind, to Heart of pure release.

Remorse is but a fire consuming,

but repentance waters the seeds of True Life.

What is a prayer, if not a certainty of Answering?

And the answer comes in Silence,

and the Silence is the womb.


© Jane Tawel, January 12, 2022

Some Say that God

Light and dark
“Light and dark” by gordontour is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Some Say that God

By Jane Tawel

January 2, 2022


Some say that G-d is darkness,

the mystery of night,

Some say man can not look at G-d,

for He is blinding light.

But maybe Moses on the mount,

when in the Holy Presence,

there had to shut his eyes so tight,

against the bright and Holy Light,

that it seemed that his eyes saw night,

yet, afterwards, his face shone bright,

and that was G-d’s true essence.


Some say that God is in us,

a Holy Spirit living.

While some say God’s in Heaven above,

and to us, earth is given.

But maybe Jesus, while on earth

knew best God’s real abode;

and that while God does reign above,

He also lives in truth and love,

in all who seek and find rebirth.


Some say that God….

Some say that….

Some say……

Well, I have found the more I know,

the less that I can speak.

For as I seek

I find my peace,

not in a notion or in words,

but in the motion of the world,

that some Great Giver holds, and stays,

and asks me to embrace this day,

and lives in me to do my part,

of letting light and letting dark,

and letting truth and letting love,

and all things real, here and above,

grow seeds of Life within my heart.


© Jane Tawel, January 2, 2022