A Hopeless Present Made Me Turn to The Past and The Future by Jane Tawel

Check out my latest on being Hopeful in a seemingly hopeless world.  You can find it by clicking on my name on the picture below which will take you to my article on medium.com  Thanks for reading and following me.

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The Parallelism Philosophy

I hope you will check out my latest post on Medium.com.  It is rather long, but something I have been working on and meditating on for a long time.  It is about how to live, how to think, and how to get balanced.  There is also a good exercise (I think) that I have invented for relaxing into finding balance in your life.  My philosophy is called The Parallelism Philosophy based on the idea of parallelism in writing and also the metaphor of a see-saw.  I hope you will find it useful and encouraging.

Shalom,  Jane  To read about my ideas, just click on my name in the link here:

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