Things I and Maybe Some Other People Don’t Do Any more



By Jane Tawel

January 11, 2016

Lots of these things listed are things I still do but other people don’t do any more. Some I never did. Some I miss doing and some I don’t.

Things I and Maybe Some People I Know Don’t Do Anymore:

  1. Choose between an electric and a manual typewriter.
  2. Yell: “I’ll get it!” when the home phone rings.
  3. Lose gracefully.
  4. Win gracefully.
  5. Use fingernail clippers.
  6. Hitchhike.
  7. Look for a pay phone.
  8. Putter.
  9. Save toilet paper rolls.
  10. Make collages out of dried beans.
  11. Collect impractical collectibles like: cows, state spoons, china flowers, turtles.
  12. Have a birthstone ring.
  13. Dog ear a book page to keep the place.
  14. Decide what animal a cloud looks like.
  15. Teeter totter.
  16. Eat snow.
  17. Make bracelets out of lightening bugs.
  18. Fry boloney.
  19. Tell someone he’s full of boloney.
  20. Play “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.
  21. Play tether ball.
  22. Play four square.
  23. Make a cootie catcher or paper fortune teller.
  24. Pass notes in school.
  25. Pass notes in church.
  26. Put tinsel on the Christmas tree.
  27. Use an Etch-a- sketch.
  28. Braid a long braid or two braids on the side.
  29. Whistle.
  30. Whittle.
  31. Change your own oil in the car.
  32. Have progressive dinners.
  33. Have Wednesday night prayer meetings.
  34. Iron sheets.
  35. Wish on a star.
  36. Avoid sidewalk cracks.
  37. Make homemade potpourri out of old flowers.
  38. Put lemon juice on to lighten your hair.
  39. Plan a place and time for everyone to meet at the mall.
  40. Carry a big purse.
  41. Pay by check.
  42. Fly kites.
  43. Day dream.
  44. Accidentally scratch your LP.
  45. Fight over the radio station.
  46. Go Christmas caroling.
  47. Cry “Uncle”!
  48. Diagram sentences.
  49. Memorize phone numbers.
  50. Ask directions.
  51. Wear a wig to have a different hair look that day.
  52. Break a wish bone with someone.
  53. Drink slowly because there aren’t any refills.
  54. Keep animals outside where they belong.
  55. Play kickball in someone’s yard.
  56. Sing songs together in the back seat of the car.
  57. Ride in the back bed of the pickup truck.
  58. Drive a station wagon.
  59. On long car trips, lie down to sleep: one on the floor of the back of the car, one on the back seat, and one in the back window car sill.
  60. Take the train to Grandma’s.
  61. Take the Greyhound bus anywhere.
  62. Win a goldfish or a little duckling at the fair.
  63. Stir ice cream before eating it.
  64. Keep a savings pass book.
  65. Collect stamps.
  66. Collect coins.
  67. Play cat’s cradle.
  68. Buy yarn.
  69. Look in the phone book.
  70. Look in the yellow pages.
  71. Doodle.
  72. Use an Easy Bake Oven.
  73. Keep a dictionary nearby.
  74. Keep quarters in the car for meters.
  75. Keep quarters for the Laundromat.
  76. Do Scavenger Hunts.
  77. Keep a recipe box.
  78. Play in puddles.
  79. Use “Mr. Bubble”.
  80. Keep a diary with a little key to lock it.
  81. Play “Cows, Horses and Graveyards” on car trips.
  82. Wind a watch.
  83. Tell scary stories around a campfire.
  84. Wear MIA / POW bracelets.
  85. Short sheet bed sheets at slumber parties.
  86. Memorize tongue twisters.
  87. Tie knots in string licorice and eat them.
  88. Fidget.
  89. Make snowmen.
  90. Know how to find some constellations.
  91. Know how to find the North Star.
  92. Know how to navigate without a compass.
  93. Keep a paper calendar on the wall.
  94. Keep a paper date book.
  95. Use an adding machine.
  96. Count back change starting with the change.
  97. Use carbon paper.
  98. Use chalk on a chalk board.
  99. Monkey around adjusting the rabbit ears on a television set.
  100. Sing: Janie, Janie, bo-banie, Banana-fana fo-fanie, Fee-fi-mo-manie, Janie!
  101. Correct someone’s grammar when they are speaking.
  102. Play with a skip ball or “footsie” toy.
  103. Play the hokey pokey.
  104. Use typewriter correction tape.
  105. Wear a maxi-dress.
  106. Use ice cube trays.
  107. Buy non-pierced earrings.
  108. Look in a kaleidoscope.
  109. Play Jump Rope games.
  110. Hum.

lhop jumping rope group





Published by

Jane Tawel

Still not old enough to know better. I root around and explore ideas in philosophy, spirituality, poetry, Judeo-Christian Worldview, family, relationships, and art. Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement, I may sputter, but I still keep trying to move forward.

2 thoughts on “Things I and Maybe Some Other People Don’t Do Any more”

  1. How long did it take you to compile that list, my friend! Now that I read it, I miss a lot of those..but I still hum. I bet you do, too. We still use ice cube trays and, amazingly enough, have a typewriter with correction tape that we use. I never did do maxi-dresses, I’d trip and kill myself. Good fun with this. 🙂

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