Lent – a poem— by Jane Tawel


The First Day

By Jane Tawel

March 6, 2019


Lent, surprising season,

And for good reason,

One’s never sure when it draws near.

Each year its start

To ream our hearts,

Will suddenly appear.



This first of Lent,

Our souls should rent

With sobering contrition.

But like Succoth,

Lent fills our cups,

With God’s Chosen’s commission.



The change of date

Just like our fate

May throw us a curve ball.

For loving chaos

We suffer pathos

Ever since The Fall.



Today’s descent in

This season Lenten,

Requires of me a price.

But that is little

If only it’ll

Bring me closer to The Christ.



The Only Son of Only God,

When on this earth, Christ trod,

Took up our lent

When God’s will bent

To die upon a cross.



And so today

In some small way

I suffer by election,

To become like the only Man

Who sinless, Resurrected.



Each Lent’s first day surprises me

Like did Christ’s death upon that tree.

But suffering for our human doom,

In this dark season of Lent’s gloom,

Is the only way to be surprised,

In the same way at long past sunrise,

Those women who loved The Christ who died,

Saw Him Arise.





Published by

Jane Tawel

"I'm Nobody, who are you? Are you nobody too?" In the words of that famous "nobody", Emily Dickinson, I am a nobody, committed to the idea that words matter and that expressed creativity, no matter how crumb-y gives us hope. And as Dickinson wrote, hope will keep us safe and warm together. I am thankful to have a home in this blog for my thoughts and thankful for any who sit awhile in this blog home, seeking crumbs on their own journeys. May you stay safe and warm and full of hope.

4 thoughts on “Lent – a poem— by Jane Tawel”

    1. Tebatjo: The liturgical calendar is based loosely on the Hebrew Calendar which of course was based on the moon and stars and growing seasons as most ancient calendars were. I did not grow up in a church that practiced liturgy or really any rites or rituals other than I suppose Baptism and once a month communion. I have often mourned our throwing out the Hebrew feasts and rituals, and some of ancient Christian ones as well, and Lent has become for me a very personal journey into contrition and penitence and awareness of who I am in relation to a Holy God. It is for some of these reasons above, I suppose, that I love your poetry and heart so much. Shalom.

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      1. “Lent has become for me a very personal journey” I love this statement. I believe in serving Him everyday and not only in a certain day and that is all. Like going to church on Sunday and not continuing going to church during the week “in the heart” so to speak. It’s personal journey that is ongoing till Christ calls one home. Like Enoch, Bible said “he walked with God” it was personal and perennial. Thank you Jane Tawel. God bless you abundantly. I love reading your texts.

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