Heroes and Fools All Under the Sun


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Heroes and Fools All Under the Sun

By Jane Tawel

July 29, 2020



There is nothing more foolish than continuing to try to change the mind of a fool or the heart of a hater.  Better to go ahead and change the world and let all benefit from it.  The fools and haters will never thank you for it, but you won’t need their thanks. Heroes don’t need the praise of fools any more than the Sun needs the earth in order to shine its light. World-changers don’t need the haters to love them, any more than the weeds and stones need to love the Sun in order for it to warm them.  As the Good Ones say, “The Sun shines on the good and the evil”. The Light illuminates The Path for those who will walk it and for those who will stand on the sidelines and look for any excuse to sit in the dark.  Just as the Sun does, we must let the light of truth and the warmth of love touch all, even those who will continue to prefer darkness and coldness.


Let your light shine and let your love warm. Do not fight or worry about those who refuse to step into the light or embrace the warmth.  World-changers don’t waste time trying to get fools and haters to believe that the world doesn’t revolve around them, any more than the Sun needs to convince us that She doesn’t revolve around the Earth. Each day, the Sun shines, whether a person believes in it or not.

The Sun will shine because it is created to shine. You are created to shine.

The Sun will warm because it is created to warm. You are created to warm.

And the Earth will continue to exist to revolve around the Light and Love of the Sun as long as there are Good people willing to keep their lamps full of the sacred oil of love and their lights burning bright, conspicuous and bold with the power of truth.


Be a Sun in the world today. Be the unsung, un-thanked Hero of this moment in the sun.

Be the light and even the fools will feel your power.

Be the warmth and you will find that even the haters will feel less cold.


Be the Light and do not let darkness delay you in your quest for a better world. And when you leave the fools and haters behind, you will find that there are many more heroes in our world than you ever dreamed there could be.

And the unsung heroes are the ones that will one day, receive the only thanks that truly matter in a better world where all will live in The Light of the Sun; the heroes of today will receive the thanks of the children of tomorrow.


Be of good cheer; have hope even in the darkness; shine your light; find joy in your journey; and rise to your very own task of being a light on The Way and a  hero to others today – Jane (P.S. And remember that all real superheroes wear masks. 🙂  )

(c) Jane Tawel 2020

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Published by

Jane Tawel

Still not old enough to know better. I root around and explore ideas in philosophy, spirituality, poetry, Judeo-Christian Worldview, family, relationships, and art. Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement, I may sputter, but I still keep trying to move forward.

10 thoughts on “Heroes and Fools All Under the Sun”

  1. Standing ovation and so much love my sister in arms👏✊🙌 YES!! I so this often and by reading this I know you feel the same. It is our job to love. We are all connected and what e do to one we do to all, what we do to ourselves we do to the world. Love. It’s that simple, not always easy but simple. There will be ones who haven’t caught on yet and will hate and sit in the datkness but we mudt love them even more to lure them out into the light. This is so beautiful, I love it💗💗💗

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    1. Ladysag77 — I am (I think literally!!) glowing after your gracious and encouraging comment. May your light shine and many, many thanks for being one of the world’s heroes that I am privileged to know about. Thank you so much. Love to you — Jane


    1. K.L. Hale — Thank you so very much for this comment, it has made me well, just so happy. We love to give, don’t we? and when someone thanks you for a small little gift you try to give, it expands your heart greatly as mine has expanded with your comment. I read something this morning that actually reminded me of things you write in your blog Flannel with Faith. Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt had a long essay on faith and joy in the journey “in the now” and this part makes me think of things I have read from you: “We cannot truly live without a continuous joy. We look for it in Christ because in him a new future, a new goal, has opened before us. That is the meaning of the saying, “The Lord is near”. It expresses where the goal lies: namely, here on earth. We have a kingdom of the future right before our very eyes.” Thank you again for reading and being a light in the world. Wishing you continued joy in your journey, Jane

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      1. Jane, your words humble me. Your writing resonates with me. I read them with great intent and a goal for learning. And knowing we share similar sediments. And ultimately, no matter which “side” (a hero or a fool) we do indeed receive the same light {if only all would reflect it}. Givers can become emotionally drained. And encouragers, like you, appear right when you need them! It balances my knowledge with my heart. I wish you the best always on your journey. I’m so glad to share it with you. Karla ❣️


  2. Inspiring and endearing post, Jane. “Be the light”. Messages like this are needed to-day when the light of reason seems to be dimming and the flame of love seems to be growing colder. You are absolutely right, don’t let others upset you, be the warmth, be the light, nurture it, share it. The unsung heroes and the unsung saints can make a difference in this world. You have articulated it so well. I feel like shouting, alleluia, from the rooftops.

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    1. Oh, lensdailydiary — how I would rejoice to hear that shout! I shall have to imagine it. Thank you so very much for your lovely and gracious words. It makes me want to try harder to, as you say, not “grow dim” but to be light and flame. Thank you, Jane


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