I See a Tree

Tree in the Fog (Explored)
“Tree in the Fog (Explored)” by Iguanasan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I See a Tree

By Jane Tawel

October 30, 2021


All Wisdom of what is,

does not come, does not arrive,

is not stagnated, is not owned,

but movingly stilled

relates the I to the Eternal You.

No one can say from whence the Spirit will blow.

Spirit Kingdom comes,

in every sphere,

like a breath, perceived, according to its manner,

whether of the earth or of the heavens,

the Great Relation is present.


The mantle of wonder fills the temple of this world,

and trippingly, with blood,

I grasp at the hem of miracle, of life.

And my flow is staunched,

while Yours pours forth, fusing me with….


I see a tree.

Does the tree see me?

To question is to admit to

that which is the greater knowledge.

The equation is unsolvable,

for who can divide the indivisible?

And in the Absolute Unknowable,

we can rest in peace.


From books only for adults,

like Alice down the Rabbit Hole,

or those meant only to be read by children,

like the Books of Isaiah or Mark,

we learn that experience can badly fool and mar us,

but relationship is all;

all there ever was In The Beginning, 

all there ever is and all we ever seek to find,

all there ever will be, on earth as in Eternity.

All that is good, all that is true,

all that is needed for our daily bread,

is I and You.


My will and grace enjoin my soul

to contemplate the mystery,

to kill the tree that bears no fruit,

so that the forest can speak to me.

If a tree falls and dies, and no one sees it,

then a new tree will grow from its decay.

There is no life, without first, death.

There is no death, without at last, eternal life.


I see the tree.

The tree sees me.


© Jane Tawel  October 30, 2021

(Joining a world of indebted and fledgling learning to Martin Buber, Isaiah, those who wrote the books called simply Good News, and to Jesus of Nazareth)

Published by

Jane Tawel

Still not old enough to know better. I root around and explore ideas in philosophy, spirituality, poetry, Judeo-Christian Worldview, family, relationships, and art. Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement, I may sputter, but I still keep trying to move forward.

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