A Song of Prepositions: Act III: Behind

A Song of Prepositions– Act III

For Patrick –In Anticipation


By Jane Tawel



I can Not run with Your Light in my eyes.

Your Sun blinds me to the path ahead

And I see stars and darkness instead of Sunlight.

My head aches trying to see straight.

I need Your Son behind me

Like The Wind but not as pushy.

I need Your Sun behind –lighting the way

Around the shadow of my body’s darkness.

Ah, Patrick, Did you ever, like I

Prefer the Son behind you

Not before you?

Not around you?


Published by

Jane Tawel

"I'm Nobody, who are you? Are you nobody too?" In the words of that famous "nobody", Emily Dickinson, I am a nobody, committed to the idea that words matter and that expressed creativity, no matter how crumb-y gives us hope. And as Dickinson wrote, hope will keep us safe and warm together. I am thankful to have a home in this blog for my thoughts and thankful for any who sit awhile in this blog home, seeking crumbs on their own journeys. May you stay safe and warm and full of hope.

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