Will We Rise?

by Jane Tawel

What does phoenix rising from the ashes mean – Embrace yourself, embrace  the world

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Will We Rise?

By Jane Tawel

June 18, 2021


Will we find enough band-aides today,

to staunch flows of our enemies’ blood?

Will we march enough steps today,

to dam prejudicial floods?

And when tomorrow our children ask

if we raised our hands to the holy task

of reviving the World’s needy honor,

and repairing our own little corner

of broken parts and hurting hearts,

will we lie in the ashes

of our own set fires?

Or rise like a phoenix from grace-infused pyres?


Will my mind today shut-down from its reeling

at the Earth’s burning? I’m fearfully feeling

we’ll all die from our greed

and the unanswered need

of a world that craves desperate healing.


Create in me a new heart.

One that beats to the Earth’s Special Song.

Today I will do my own part

to be Love, to be One, to Belong.

Amen and amen, let us say once again,

We did once, and we will!

We did once, and we will!

We did then;

we will do it again!


Will we make enough headway tomorrow

to end Our World’s war-weary sorrow?

Will we have had enough

of the proud and the tough?

And instead choose the meek

and all follow, like sheep,

The Good Shepherd, Who loves us so much?


Time ticks and it tocks

and even the rocks

now cry out — “Hosanna!

Please, Save us!” Each man and

each woman and child;

every beast, tame or wild,

are looking ahead,

to the “Anti-Love Dread”

of the end of All Life as we know it.

(We certainly seem to have blown it.)

But we’ll fight! — Some will fight!

Young and old, we just might,

win the day over night

and a New World Reborn —  we will grow it.


We vow today to stand together.

We take today this solemn pledge:

We will fight war with Peace.

We will fight lies with Truth.

We will kill greed with sharing,

and meet needs by our caring.

We will change hate with love.

We will rise, young and old

One day our tale will be told,

How the World almost died,

But Love made it Arise!

We shall rise!

We shall rise!


Earth will rise,

like a Phoenix, She’ll Rise!

We shall rise like a Savior,

we’ll rise!

And Our God will arise.

Like a Cooled Sun, He’ll Rise!

Like a Bright Star, She’ll Rise!

And All Goodness shall Rise,

They shall rise!

They shall rise!

They shall rise!


Like a New Day that Dawns,

Love Shall Rise!

With sacrificial protection,

We shall become Resurrection.

Will we start today?

Will we find The Way?

Will we Rise Up?

Will we Rise Up?

Will we Rise?

God! I pray, we will rise…

(c) Jane Tawel 2021

Published by

Jane Tawel

Still not old enough to know better. I root around and explore ideas in philosophy, spirituality, poetry, Judeo-Christian Worldview, family, relationships, and art. Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement, I may sputter, but I still keep trying to move forward.

17 thoughts on “Will We Rise?”

    1. Ah yes… that last line of yours seems to reverberate daily within me — “how long it took to show.” Read a lovely thing today: Jesus didn’t ask us to be better, he asked us to be new. I too wonder, how long will that take in me? How long? Thank you for reading and as always your dialogue with me that is so bracing. Shalom, to you Utahan15


        1. Your comment makes me happy on many levels. First, John it is. Secondly, as some one who is to many, “an old English teacher”, I love your sharing your teacher’s remembrance and ongoing gift in your own writing abilities with me. And finally, it is always a joy for me to journey with you in thought and struggle, word and expression. Thank you and shalom to you as well, Jane


  1. We will rise. We will rise. Your words soothe my soul today. I awoke with thoughts, not from God, about the very conditions you bring to light in your beautiful words. You are so gifted my friend. I will keep this to read. I stand with you! Stay safe and healthy. Peace and blessings, Karla 🤍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, humbly thank you. Oh, how I relate to that you said, “I awoke with thoughts, not from God” today. How, how often do I go to bed and rise with “thoughts not form God”. I think of that Psalm, “God, Your thoughts are not our thoughts, Your ways are not our ways”. Reading Abraham Joshua Heschel today on the vast difference between “knowlege” and “understanding” in terms of the ineffable and especially in our need to Understand God intuitively more than Know Him intellectually. How to let go though, eh? How to let go? Night and morning to carry baggage with me that I have no ability to understand, let alone “fix”. Well, I am afraid no answers really here from me today except that the answer lies in following the example of Jesus and “being still and understanding that I AM, God”. May your burden be lightened and your joy be in the understanding that you are loved. Period. Blessings to you, Jane

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve screenshot this message from you. You so beautifully explain that which cannot be explained! “God, your thoughts are not our thoughts!” “Being still and understanding that I AM!” Amen my friend. Blessings to you! 💚❤️💛


  2. Love to you Karla and thanks to you for the words of your blessing. There is a white stone with your name on it waiting to reveal all that you have meant to the world, and as you persevere in that greatest task of all — having faith. May you have joy in your journey today, Jane


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