Pre-Dawn and I


Pre-Dawn and I


Pre-Dawn and I

By Jane Tawel

August 10, 2022


And just like that — 

And as I was looking down — 

with barely an upward glance,

Light snuck around,

the edges of the dark.


Oh, the hours are too often filled,

with lists and pages of words;

but if perchance,

you happen to glance up,

at just the moment, when

Light makes her slow entrance on the stage,

Then drop the page you hold,

and breathe deeply in and out

and listen to the drumbeat of your heart,

welcoming the Dawn.


This pre-dawn as I sat,

and worried over Time-past,

and of course, as always I do,

fretted over the Time-not-come,

the Present Moment snuck-up on me,

and I looked up and out, not down and in.

The veil of dark pulled back.

And though I had just a peek,

I caught Light in the act,

of once again confirming,

with just a narrow band, still grey,

that soon the Sun would rise, in full array,

and with a bit of hopefulness,

I knew that Dawn was on its way.


Oh, the night is filled with strangers and friends,

and even though you let them in, they are not there.

I have determined not to speak, nor listen,

with those who would intrude upon my thoughts,

but are not in this place or time.

Oh, Universal Love of me and All,

help me to honor You by being awake,

to all that dawns upon me, both by day and night.

Help me to listen with a heart full of love,

to early morning birds,

and the scrambling of lizards in the heat of the day.

In moments that manage,

to sneak away from me,

I shall return to myself,

and quiet myself.

I will listen

to the dove’s song,

and the hushing of leaves in trees.,

and to the miracle of my own beating heart.

And I shall watch the Light and Dark,

dance their dance,

and kiss each other in the great Romance,

of all that is lovely in the Presence of the Now.


© Jane Tawel, 2022

Published by

Jane Tawel

Still not old enough to know better. I root around and explore ideas in philosophy, spirituality, poetry, Judeo-Christian Worldview, family, relationships, and art. Often torn between encouragement & self-directed chastisement, I may sputter, but I still keep trying to move forward.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Dawn and I”

  1. Jane,…this brought tears to my eyes!! You have such a beautiful and authentic soul oozing with a bright spirit. A knowing spirit. You understand. The presence of now is so powerful! I could quote every line you wrote because of its beauty and wisdom! Sending you much love and peace my friend. Karla 💛

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    1. Thank you so much, you touch me deeply and are so kind to take the time for these words. I pray sincerely for many, many, many more nows for you. Many. May the Lord and Universe conspire to bring you joy, peace, health, love and all moments great and small for many, many days. Shalom, friend, Jane


    2. Ah, dear Karla, may Love meet you and greet you today in all the emptied spaces and may the hope, “the thing with feathers and which asks nothing of us”, and the peace which passes all understanding be truly and deeply yours. Shalom, Jane


  2. Jane, I love the hope in your poem.
    These are the lines I want to reflect back to you.
    And just like that — 

    And as I was looking down — 

    with barely an upward glance,

    Light snuck around,

    the edges of the dark.

    – Yes! These lines speak to me.

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    1. Ali, thank you. It’s funny how sometimes we don’t read something or see something until we need it. This morning I was still stuck in the dark, even though the light had long literally risen. Thank you for your comment, coming when I needed to look up. Shalom and joy in the journey to you, Jane

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